Fundraise Online

Get noticed with our digital marketing services. We can increase your campaign’s visibility with ads, engage your voters through email and build an online platform customized and branded to tell your story.

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We Set Up Your Fundraising Tools

Fundraising isn’t easy, but we help you gather your contacts and grow a starting donor list. We also set up your online fundraising channels, so you can raise big money at the start.

Sell Merch, and Raise Funds

From t-shirts to magnets and stickers, we will help you design and sell your branded merch and manage an ecommerce store that raises donations for you.

Social Media Strategy

Every winning campaign needs social media to increase brand awareness. Let us set up your social channels to stay in touch with voters. You’ll need to share a cohesive message across each platform.

Email Fundraising and Newsletters

We create newsletters tailored to your brand’s message and track email performance. We engage your audience to gain recurring donors and grow a list of loyal supports. 

Comprehensive Online Services

Online Fundraising

Our successful digital strategies maximize your online fundraising.

Social Media Ads

We market your campaign effectively on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Google & YouTube

We increase your campaign’s visibility with extremely watchable video ads.

Responsive Websites

We optimize your campaign’s reach and fundraising with websites that work.

Email Marketing

We create custom newsletters, engage your audience, and track email performance.

Voter Targeting

We create the audiences of voters you need to reach online, in person, and by mail.

Online Merch Store

We’ll set up your online fundraising store, complete with products and fulfillment.

Targeted Radio & TV

We build effective, highly targeted radio and TV plans that minimize spending.